— Morph (Ex):
Every mechamorph has the ability to assume at least two different forms. These are the primary form and the alt form. Primary form is generally a humanoid shape, and is considered a mechamorph’s “true form.” Some mechamorphs’ primary forms are
more akin to animals than humans, but they are no less intelligent.

A mechamorph’s alt form can be nearly anything. Most have some element of disguise, usually appearing to be normal Earth vehicles that can travel freely among humans. Other forms are more combat-oriented, being otherworldly combat platforms or ferocious, robotic animal templates.

With the exception of mechamorphs with animal alt forms, a mechamorph retains all of his abilities, base attack bonus, hit points, skills, and feats while morphed.

A mechamorph also retains the use of his sensors, allowing him to see and experience his environment as usual, even if he can no longer interact as easily with a particular environment. Mechamorphs may also activate their special powers while in alt form. When a mechamorph changes form, linked weapons or equipment he is carrying become hidden within his alt form or mounted on it. Unlinked items that he is carrying either become stored in the alt form’s cargo areas (if any) or fall to the ground.

Morphing is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Mechamorphs with a base attack bonus of +5 or higher may morph as a free action as long as it is combined with a regular move.

Mechamorphs generally retain the same mass and approximate size when they morph.

A mechamorph must make a successful grapple check in order to morph while grappled, and cannot morph if he is pinned.


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