The Wreckers

The Wreckers are an Autobot special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. Its ranks include a veritable who’s-who of the obscure; mechs you’ve never heard much about, mostly because the Wreckers are often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim. Bluntly, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate.

The Wreckers are a close-knit group that’s more concerned with bursting in, guns-blazing, and doing their Thing, than they are concerned with, say, strategy. Despite their disregard for planning and the bodycount their team mounts, the Wreckers are amazingly successful.
If it’s a lost cause, the Wreckers will be there, winning the day with sheer guts and determination.

Perhaps the most celebrated leader of the Wreckers is Springer, though the memory of his former leader, Impactor, hangs over his head.

Active Roster
Twin Twist

The Wreckers

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